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Hosted VoIP Provider Serving the Chandler Area


For business owners in the Chandler, AZ area, it is essential to have trustworthy communication systems and hosted VoIP can meet that need. Hosted VoIP refers to Voice over Internet Protocol and is a phone service that employs the internet to conduct calls, rather than relying on conventional phone lines.

How does hosted VoIP work? Hosted VoIP in Chandler is a cloud-based phone system that enables phone calls over the internet, and this is done by converting analog audio signals into digital data and transmitting that data through the internet to reach its destination.

Hosted VoIP in Chandler means:

  • Higher call sound quality
  • Ability to call from additional devices
  • Easier for remote and traveling employees
  • Customizable call routing and voicemail greetings

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Hosted PBX Benefits for the Chandler Business


Businesses in Chandler can enjoy even more advantages from us as their hosted PBX provider. Rather than traditional phone systems, our cloud hosted PBX routes calls and manages phone lines through the internet, making on-premises equipment unnecessary.

Our hosted PBX solutions come equipped with helpful features like voicemail, call forwarding, and virtual conference rooms, all designed to improve productivity and streamline communication within your business.

Features of hosted PBX for Chandler businesses:

  • Ability to add or remove phone lines as needed
  • Ability to place and receive phone calls on more devices
  • Configurable call routing
  • Integration with other business software and tools

Contact us today to learn about hosted PBX for Chandler businesses. We are certain that our cloud PBX will enhance the efficiency of your organization.

Why Choose Us for a Hosted Phone System in Chandler?


In general, using a hosted phone system in Chandler is more economical than traditional phone service. As calls are made over the internet, there are no long-distance charges or expenses for purchasing equipment.

Our hosted phone system for Chandler can also be easily adjusted to match the evolving needs of your business, making it a highly scalable solution.

Reasons to pick us for a hosted phone system in Chandler include:

  • Cost-saving pricing with zero hidden fees
  • Secure and reliable service
  • Scaling to meet shifting business requirements with ease
  • Full range of modern features and functionality
  • A highly experienced team available for assistance and support

To get started or learn more about a hosted phone system in Chandler, Call Soundline Communications today at 425-250-5555.