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SoundLine provides the best multi-office phone solution for businesses throughout North America by innovating, creating, and personally supporting the most flexible, automated, and simplified cloud phone system.
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Hosted VoIP Provider Serving the Medford Area

We recommend a hosted VoIP system if you want to upgrade your traditional landline system to a phone solution that allows efficient call control, data management, and improved productivity.

Hosted VoIP is an advanced communication system that allows users to make and receive calls through a broadband internet connection. A hosted VoIP system is supported by a provider, like Soundline Communications, saving you time and money for managing these services. Hosted VoIP is a cloud based system, all data and call records are securely stored in the cloud, allowing you to access and manage your entire system anywhere from your browser.

These are some of the advantages of upgrading to a hosted VoIP system for your Medford, OR business:

  • Improved high definition audio quality
  • Advanced features for call management
  • Affordable, streamlined customer experience
  • Reduced IT management staff
  • Accessibility from remote locations

When you choose a hosted phone system, supported by the reliability of the cloud, our geo-redundant system architecture will ensure you never miss a call. For a hosted phone system that benefits your business without breaking the bank, call us at 425-250-5555.


Hosted PBX Benefits for the Medford Business

In the twenty-first century, remote work is becoming increasingly popular. When you choose our hosted PBX system for your business, employees can work from the internet at any location. This allows firms effective communication systems between offices worldwide. A hosted PBX is an attractive option for growing companies in Medford as it allows for ease of scalability and future expansion.

These are some of our advanced hosted PBX features:

  • Total call and device encryption
  • Customizable phone solutions
  • Dynamic phone settings
  • Detailed call statistics
  • Browser-based SMS control

We are confident you will find hosted PBX solutions far more user-friendly and advantageous to your business operations than traditional landline options.


Why Choose Us for a Hosted Phone System in Medford?

We pride ourselves on offering advanced hosted phone systems that provide businesses the functions they require at an affordable pricing structure. Our team of technicians is highly knowledgeable and dedicated to customizing your call features to suit your requirements and budget. We take care of all your hosted phone system programming fr you.

Why we are a preferred hosted PBX service provider in Medford:

  • 24/7 emergency support
  • Dedicated management team
  • Advanced quality troubleshooting
  • Affordable hosted PBX pricing
  • Hassle-free billing

We don’t want you to pay for something you are not 100% satisfied with, which is why our service is contract-free.