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Nationwide IP PBX Services for Businesses
SoundLine provides the best multi-office phone solution for businesses throughout North America by innovating, creating, and personally supporting the most flexible, automated, and simplified cloud phone system.
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Nationwide IP PBX Services for Businesses in Coeur D’Alene


Are you evaluating the current telecommunications in your business, wondering whether there is a more efficient and secure solution? IP PBX (Internet protocol private branch exchange) is a cloud-based telecommunication system that offers improved connectivity, data control, and management solutions for businesses of all sizes.

An IP PBX system is supported by a third-party service provider, such as SoundLine Communications- offering ongoing support and IT services for streamlined business communications and cloud centralized data management.

These are some of the benefits of changing to an IP PBX system in Coeur D’Alene, ID:

  • Call and device encryption- enhanced security
  • Custom failover setting- improved connectivity
  • Remote worker capabilities- receive calls anywhere
  • Advanced quality troubleshooting

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Cloud PBX Pricing for Coeur D’Alene Businesses


One of the reasons we are a preferred cloud PBX provider for small businesses in Coeur D’Alene is because our pricing plans are affordable and scalable. At SoundLine Communications, we believe in month-to-month cloud PBX service; you never need to continue paying unless you are 100% satisfied. Whether you choose MBX Lite or MBX pro, the following features are included:

  • Access to every MBX feature
  • Free IP PBX programming
  • All-industry customized consulting
  • Unlimited as-needed training

Our cloud PBX pricing plans allow you to add more lines and call paths as and when required. The system is designed to grow with your business as it expands and more users need access to your cloud PBX.

If you have further questions about cloud PBX pricing and plans, call us at 425-250-5555.

Coeur D’Alene’s Small Business Hosted VoIP Features


Managing small business hosted VoIP has never been more straightforward! If you are looking for a small business phone system in Coeur D’Alene that does exactly what you need it to do when you want it to do it, call us! We offer small business hosted VoIP systems that are simple to customize and automate, so you can save time worrying whether the information is effectively transferred to callers. These are some of the features of our small business hosted VoIP system:

  • Cloud centralized management- for improved data control
  • Wideband high definition audio- better than landline audio quality
  • Queues, menus, extensions- simplified user experience
  • Geo-redundant system architecture- never miss a call

Call 425-250-5555 to inquire about the best virtual phone system for small businesses. We can help you improve business communication and ultimately, business profitability.