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Nationwide IP PBX Services for Businesses
SoundLine provides the best multi-office phone solution for businesses throughout North America by innovating, creating, and personally supporting the most flexible, automated, and simplified cloud phone system.
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Nationwide IP PBX Services for Businesses in Orem


At Soundline Communications, we offer nationwide IP PBX services, providing Orem, UT businesses with cutting-edge communication technology that facilitates reliable connectivity and advanced features. IP PBX technology offers a range of customizable features easily tailored to enhance business operations and communication strategies.

An IP PBX phone system relies on internet connectivity for placing and receiving calls, offering more reliability and flexibility than traditional copper wire telephone systems.

These are some of the features of our IP PBX services in Orem:

  • Geo-redundant system architecture
  • Enhanced security for your communications
  • Customizable settings to suit specific business needs
  • Predefined forwarding settings
  • Detailed call statistics

Please get in touch with our team at 425-250-5555 for more information about our innovative IP PBX solutions.

Cloud PBX Pricing for Orem Businesses


Switching to cloud PBX can dramatically improve how businesses manage their communications. Our cloud PBX solutions are specifically priced to make advanced communication tools accessible to businesses without the substantial investment required for traditional setups.


With cloud PBX, companies can enjoy a reduction in upfront and ongoing costs and the ability to manage communications from anywhere, providing a clear edge in today’s competitive market.

Benefits of our cloud PBX for Orem businesses include:

  • Low initial setup cost
  • Scalable to business size and needs
  • Maintenance and upgrades managed off-site
  • Enhanced business continuity features
  • Remote management and operation capabilities

Investing in our cloud PBX systems means businesses can enjoy state-of-the-art communication capabilities at competitive prices.

Orem’s Small Business Hosted VoIP Features


We are a reputable VoIP service provider for Orem businesses. Reliable communication channels and connectivity are essential for businesses of all sizes and operating in any industry. Hosted VoIP is a powerful tool for staying connected with customers and enhancing operational efficiency.

We understand that each business operates differently, so we offer industry-specific consulting so you can learn how to optimize small business hosted VoIP for your business.

Our small business hosted VoIP services offer features designed to address challenges faced by smaller enterprises. This technology enables small businesses to compete on a larger scale, offering advanced communication tools typically only available to larger corporations.

Here are a few of the benefits of a VoIP business plan for small businesses:

  • A dedicated team of specialists
  • Valued customer satisfaction
  • Extensive features offering improved control
  • Ease of scalability for businesses
  • Remote worker capacity

Contact us at 425-250-5555 to learn more about VoIP business plans and how upgrading your telecommunication system can improve business performance.