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SoundLine provides the best multi-office phone solution for businesses throughout North America by innovating, creating, and personally supporting the most flexible, automated, and simplified cloud phone system.
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Office Phone Systems Features for Vancouver Businesses

We provide the best hosted office phone system solutions for multi and growing single offices throughout North America.

Businesses across the nation are adoptingoffice phone system technologies other than a landline. We are transforming the way our small business clients communicate by converting traditional telephone service to hosted business VoIP phone systems.

We offer feature-rich office phone systems for Vancouver businesses with top business phone brands that we sell and support configured into whatever you want your business phones to do!

If you are using older communication methods, you may want to learn more about our office phone systems with all the features you want for a cost-effective price. These are our industry-standard features:

  • Centralized cloud management
  • Wideband audio
  • Voicemail transcription
  • Custom failover rules for internet outages
  • Queues, menus, and extensions
  • Transfer options from your desk phone or mobile
  • Minute-to-minute call control
  • Inbound & outbound call recordings
  • Geo-redundant system architecture

You can learn more about our office phone systems and advanced features by calling our office or visiting our website.


What Are Cloud Phones?

A cloud phone system is a VoIP phone system accessible over a cloud-based IP network hosted by a third-party provider such as Soundline Communications.

It is delivered entirely over the internet and managed completely off-site, reducing costly upfront investments in telecommunications infrastructure.

Our cloud phone system options in Vancouver are an affordable web-based phone service alternative to more costly onsite PBX systems. We support businesses with the most flexible, automated, simplified cloud phone system throughout North America!

These are some of the benefits of our cloud phones for small to mid-size businesses in Vancouver:

  • Low cost
  • Advanced security
  • Fully-integrated communications system
  • Mobility
  • Scalability
  • Business continuity
  • Fast setup – simple customized system settings

Our business cloud phones allow small business accessibility to large enterprise applications at cost-effective rates. Call us today to find the best cloud telephone systems for your business!


Why Choose Us for Business VoIP in Vancouver?

We build feature-rich hosted business VoIP phone systems to save time and money for small to mid-size businesses in Vancouver.

With the advantages provided by our business VoIP phone system and its automated services and features, we can meet your needs as your business grows.

We are a reputable provider with an outstanding support team to help you choose the business VoIP phone system best suited to your business size, needs, and budget.

These are a few additional reasons to choose us for business VoIP:

  • 24/7 emergency support
  • Flexible contract-free pricing
  • All-industry customized consulting
  • Free portal programming
  • Dedicated account management team
  • Advanced quality troubleshooting
  • Unlimited as-needed training
  • Hassle-free billing

Call Soundline Communications to get started with a new VoIP phone system to boost efficiency, productivity, and security. 425-250-5555